Medical Industry

Lindsay Rosenwald Boosts the Medical Industry

9 September 2011

Medicine and Biotechnology are the industries that Lindsay Rosenwald likes to help, because he had previously exercised his medical profession, being aware of the many lives that can be saved with the establishment of better and newer health-related ventures. He knows that there is a large risk involved in financing starting medical businesses where it needed a lot of money to assure that everything goes smoothly from the first day of operation to steady business growth. This is true on the investment aspect of any launching business, which he understood perfectly.

Although his name has been known by some patients in Philadelphia and Abington due to this medical practice, more people know of him as a doctor that heals both medically and financially, because of incorporating his medical skills with the financial knowledge he acquired back in college. Lindsay Rosenwald knew the value of the many industries that helped him exercise his profession with the materials, medical paraphernalia, and medicines that are provided by medical companies. With this in mind, he kept on imagining the profit that will be generated once starting or struggling established companies are assisted and helped when it comes to finances, funding, and investments.

When Lindsay Rosenwald dreamt of working for Wall Street, he had just thought of working for a company, regardless of what industry will be supported. However, due to his medical career, he had more focus when he joined Wall Street, knowing that helping the medical industry rise would also give pride to his profession as a doctor, and to his previous patients, who have invested on him and his recommendations. Therefore, he limited his support range to medical groups and starting business areas knowing that these high-risk investments also mean the biggest returns, once they have been successful with their venture.

However, Lindsay Rosenwald needed a support system for him to make his dream a reality. With heavy funding and a lot of money involved in aiding starting medical businesses, he rendered his services and worked for D. H. Blair & Company, knowing that this financial firm would make everything possible. And he was right in this decision. After working for the firm in a couple of years, his keen eye for underwriting potential groups, medical or biotechnological alike, had made him gain a spot of being a Managing Director of Corporate Finance at Blair. He boosted the medical industry in a manner that cannot be done by just any doctor.